Holy Pascha

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Download the sheet music for "Christ is Risen" in English in both western and byzantine notation courtesy of the National Forum of Greek Orthodox Church Musicians. Download now »

To hear more hymns from The Triodion, Great Lent, Holy Week, and Pascha, visit the HYMNS section of this website.

Great and Holy Pascha

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Official English Translation and Music for "Christ is Risen" approved by the Holy Eparchial Synod

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Christ Is Risen in English and Greek (Holy Cross Seminary Choir)

Hymns chanted by Eikona

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Come Receive The Light
Great Litany
Paschal Exapostelarion
Pasa Pnoi
Pascha Stichera
Day Of Resurrection
Katavasies, First Ode
Katavasies, Third Ode
Katavasies, Fourth Ode
Katavasies, Fifth Ode
Katavasies, Sixth Ode
Katavasies, Seventh Ode
Katavasies, Eighth Ode
Katavasies, Ninth Ode

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